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Urban metropolis skyline

Urbanization. Refers to a process in which an increasing proportion of a population lives in cities and their suburbs. In North America and Europe this process took place during the nineteenth century closely following the advancement of industrialization. People today increasingly live unconnected to the land and its agriculture practices. With modern living space at a premium our dependence on municipal waste programmers has centralized land dumping of organic material resources.

Landfill waste

Waste Reduction. Composting garden and household organic waste is one of the most environmentally beneficial activities you can participate in, it reduces pollution, cuts down landfill and saves money. 30% (by volume) of domestic rubbish is organic waste, it's removal from our bins allows other materials to be recycled, making composting the starting point of all good “urbanwaste” systems.

Compost in hand

Composting. Known to have been practiced over 2000 years ago, composting is the transformation of organic matter, through decomposition, into a soil-like material. Insects, worms, bacterial micro- organisms and fungi all aid the process. Composting is mans adaptation of nature recycling its nutrients, forming part of the earths continual lifecycle.
Composting worms Vermiculture and Vermicomposting. From the Latin word “vermi” meaning worms, is the practice of cultivating and composting using specialist worms. An excellent composting technique, that speeds up the process of decomposition and produces a rich end product, highly suited to small sites and indoor urban composting. Worm castings have nitrogen and other elements in a form more readily available and usable by plant.

The Urbanwaste Composter. Probably the most advanced "urbanwaste" composter in the world, using solar powered advanced green technologies. Compost re-hydration and re-oxygenation are automatically controlled, providing the optimum environment for active micro-organisms. Based on the world renowned Envirocycle Composter/ Composteamaker this experimental system is the cutting edge of Urban Composting.

Envirocycle/Composteamaker Envirocycle Composter/ Composteamaker. The remarkable two-in- one rotary composter designed to take composting into the next century, all an urban dweller with restricted space could possible need when dealing with kitchen waste. It rotates within its own footprint, providing the essentials of mixing and aerating, it rolls to any location for emptying, it collects in its unique base "the compost tea" so valuable to plant feeding. Ideal for  patios, decks, balconies, roof gardens, garages...............
Garden bin aerobic composter The Garden Bin Composter. For higher quantities of garden and kitchen waste, The Garden Bin Composter manufactured in Sweden is Europe’s best designed anaerobic compost bin. Its unique ventilation system, perforated aeration base, along with large openings suit batch loaded composting, a system achieving aerobic composting with the minimum of time and effort.
Can-of-Worms wormery

The Can-of-Worms Wormery. Simply the worlds best loved wormery, for novice and experts alike this is a fantastic, well supported worm system. The multi-layered trays enable clean hygienic collection of the nutrient rich worm castings and the ever present useful runoff "the compost tea".  This method of kitchen waste disposal is so versatile it's even suitable for indoor use, that's an urban composting solution.


This site. is designed to provide, services, products and clear information about Urban composting systems. Whatever your interest, please feel free to peruse and use the site as a central resource. Theirs plenty of useful links, defined button navigation and some nifty tools as well! we all hope you find something here to help you enjoy the "Micro-World" of composting.


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