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Assembly Instructions for Garden Bin Composter


Parts List

Remove all parts from the packing material and check against parts list.

Part No. Description Qty
1501 Solid Side 2
1502 Door Side 2
1503 Doors 2
1504 Lid Halves 2
1505  Nut & Bolts 12
Hinge Pins 2
1508 Lock Handle 2
1509 Lock Posts 2
1510 Caps 2
1511 Tightening Tool 1



Lid Assembly
1. Identify the two lid sections figs.1504 push the two halves together interlocking hinges. 
2. Insert the two hinge locking pins (not shown). into the hinges and test to ensure the locking pins are secure and that the hinge operates.
3. Insert lock post fig.1509 from under side of lid and press lock knob fig1508 onto top of lock post and snap into place.  Push cap fig.1510 into knob recess.
4. The lid is completed and will fit the composter body when assembled, the lid can be locked by turning the handles fig.1508 until the lock posts are located in the side panel slots. fig.1502.

Side Assembly
1. All sides are interchangeable.
2. Position the door side panels in you most convenient location.
3. Connect sides by placing the flat edge with bolt head indent on the outside and over the lip edge of adjoining side.
4. Insert carriage bolt from outside and hand tighten bolt onto nut fig.1504.
5. Repeat with each side until unit is complete. Tighten nuts with the plastic spanner provided.

Complete Assembly
6. Slide doors into place
7. Fit lid assembly
8. Locate your Garden Bin Composter on flat level ground, preferably complete with a composting base 
9. Please dispose of the packaging, use to ensure the integrity of your composter during delivery, is reused or disposed of in an environmental considerate manor.